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June 28th, 2020

Feel Good Beauty – with David Zyla

A conversation with Emmy Award winning stylist David Zyla and special guests for tips on discovering your style archetype, organizing your makeup to ensure a stress free morning with “The No-Nonsense Home Organization Plan” author Kim Davidson Jones, setting a beautiful table with acclaimed event and interior designer Rebecca Gardner, and improving your balance with “Better Balance for Life” author Carol Clements.

To view on YouTube CLICK HERE    [the video will start where Carol’s segment begins at minute 57:41]


November 6th, 2019

Better Balance for Life – A Caring Collaborative Presentation

Lecture and Demonstration. Here is what The Transition Network wrote about the event:
“Carol Clements led a lively and engaging presentation based on her best-selling book of the same title! She stressed that a fear of falling is a predictor of it, and that balance is a skill — which can be developed through practice, like any other skill. Carol talked about the psychology and physiology of balance, and led the group in simple ways for practicing awareness and methods to develop strength and skill through simple activities at home. Attendees were roundly invigorated by her presentation and their balance skill practice!”


January 24th, 2019

Lecture & Demonstration: Better Balance for Life: Banish the Fear of Falling with Simple Activities Added to Your Everyday Routine

Lecture and Demonstration at the 92nd Street Y   –  1395 Lexington Avenue,  New York, NY 10128
For more information and registration please CLICK HERE



August 6, 2019

Carol joins Dr. Roizen of Radio MD to share insights from her book, including her 10-week program that lays out simple activities to help you build strength and increase flexibility to improve your balance..



May 23, 2019

A half-hour discussion with Barbara Hannah Grufferman, Bone Health Ambassador and Trustee for the National Osteoporosis Foundation.



December 3, 2018

A  35 minute discussion with Allan Misner, author and founder of 40plusfitness, about the book and the importance of balance in our lives.




December 12, 2018

Carol Clements was the special guest of WMKM 89.3FM program:
“Everybody’s Planning Hour” with Lew & John Gatch